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With six components of continuing education, REGREEN® offers the most comprehensive and respected green residential remodeling training program in the industry.



PLEASE NOTE: Due to the constant advancement of the interior design profession, ASID is excited to transition REGREEN into a broader health and wellness program. Opportunities to complete the current REGREEN Trained program will end through a phased approach on December 31, 2015.


Differentiate Yourself as a Green Professional

With an already vast interest in green remodeling and a large market of green products available, REGREEN addresses a niche in the marketplace through a set of sustainability best practice guidelines and educational programs, developed by an incomparable group of subject matter experts.

What does it mean to be REGREEN Trained™?

REGREEN addresses the major elements of any green residential renovation project, including the site, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, and indoor environmental quality. REGREEN Trained professionals have been educated in product selection, building systems integration, and green strategies. As a result, REGREEN Trained professionals are well equipped to make retrofit decisions that improve home performance and indoor air quality, preserve the environment, and save homeowners money. The certificate of completion program is designed to prepare REGREEN Trained professionals to make an immediate and measurable impact on the environment and welfare of their clients.


Professionals who successfully complete this rigorous training program will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to the REGREEN Trained™ mark for use on business cards, letterhead, and website to visually demonstrate their accomplishment in the marketplace. Certificate of Completion holders will also receive online recognition on the REGREEN website.

Earn your REGREEN Trained certificate

The REGREEN Trained certificate program has 6 educational components (see curriculum). To complete the certificate program:
1. Submit your application to (application fee is $60)
2. Complete the 5 online courses (Enroll at
3. Register for the in-person REGREEN Implementation Workshop (see current workshop schedule)
4. After you’ve successfully completed all 6 educational components, send an email to alerting us that you've completed your coursework.
ASID will then finalize your application and issue the REGREEN Trained mark to you.

Questions? Contact Valerie O'Keefe at 202-675-2351 or


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