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Reading about green residential remodeling concepts is great, but nothing can substitute for real-world application. The following section provides extensive detail on the methods and specific challenges of green residential remodeling. It’s divided into three sections: REGREEN basics, projects and case studies. The REGREEN Basics contain exactly that…pre-project issues you should consider before beginning any job. The REGREEN Projects section contains general information about the nature and type of remodeling job (kitchen, bath, etc.), as well as overviews of actual projects featured in the REGREEN guidelines. The Case Studies section offers geographically-specific examples that drill down into greater detail.



Before starting any project, be sure to check out the REGREEN Basics that address the unique challenges of remodeling a home. Considering these issues and following some basic steps will reduce problems down the line.

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Case Studies    

Featured Case Study:
Mission Zero House: A Net-Zero Retrofit



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