The REGREEN Residential Remodeling Program was established to give you the tools you need to make your next home renovation project green, from installing a new dishwasher to remodeling your master bathroom to refurbishing an entire home interior or embarking on a whole house deep energy retrofit, REGREEN can give you the guidance you need to implement green practices.

The REGREEN program has collected a variety of electronic resources that represent some of the best thinking in the field. Starting with the REGREEN guidelines themselves and including a survey of other web resources (mostly free!); this is the place to branch out to find related helpful tools for your green home remodeling project.

Looking at actual projects really helps to convey the principles expressed in the REGREEN guidelines. Here’s an assortment of projects (with plans to add more) for you to view and consider.

Americans spend about $200 billion a year remodeling their homes. Consumer interest in green remodeling has grown exponentially. If you’re a building professional, REGREEN educational courses offer the knowledge you need and your customers expect in a learning format that fits your schedule.

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